Overcoming Invisibility

Overcoming Invisibility is a story about struggle, disability and empowerment. The story focuses on Kevin Pettit, 50, a courageous man who survived a near death car accident in 1998 in Minnesota. The accident left Pettit with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that has affected him greatly. After many rough years of being physically and mentally disabled, having to re-learn how to walk, talk and eat again Pettit has come a long way in his journey. Despite the challenges Pettit faced early on, he kept moving forward. Now ten years later is where the story of Overcoming Invisibility begins. Pettit wanted to make a difference and is heavily involved in the community of disabled people, created an organization called Faith4All and wrote a book about his experience with TBI titled, Rambling Down Life’s Road…with a brain injury.

Although Pettit overcame the physical challenges of the accident he still faces struggles as he carries on in his life. The TBI has affected Pettit’s mentality in many ways as he has memory loss, slight speech impairment and sometimes, unclear thoughts. Pettit’s story is empowering because he never gave up, continues to embrace his disability and strives to help other people with TBIs feel included in society and not invisible. Although his disability is invisible to most, Overcoming Invisibility strives to bring light to TBIs and what it is like to live with one.