Emma Pion-Berlin is an international visual storyteller offering her expertise in photography, writing, and video to clients around the world. Currently based in Central America, she immerses herself in multicultural, bilingual environments and has worked for companies such as Mayan Families, IGNITE Your Business, Comvite, and The Greeley Tribune Newspaper. Emma enjoys working with startup brands that align with her ethos of focusing on socially relevant topics, such as preserving indigenous cultures, sustainability, women's empowerment and unique lifestyles around the world.

Emma uses her strengths of connecting with others to build trust between herself and diverse subjects, exploring meaningful topics in partnership with clients. From sleeping on a boat documenting the life of a gay couple in London to following families into the hills of rural Guatemala, this is the type of storyteller Emma is: an intrepid content creator who is not afraid to get down in the mud and going the extra mile to create a story.

Through her work, she strives to spread awareness, initiate change, and help bridge the gap between differing worlds. Emma strongly believes that all over the globe, humans all share the desire and need for connection and unity. Each time Emma looks through her lens or places her fingers on the keyboard, she aims to produce stories that can help bring people closer together. 

Wherever your business is, Emma is ready for the adventure to collaborate with you and create something unique, that speaks to the world. Reach out and get connected! 

Email: emmapionberlin@gmail.com

Phone US & Whatsapp: +1 909 234 1887

Phone Guatemala: +502 3580 0497