Emma Pion-Berlin is an innovative photographer and content creator. She has five years of experience in digital photography and has an eye for creativity. Originally from Claremont, California, she grew up in a family full of creative people when she first began to experiment with photography. Emma graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder where she got a bachelor's degree in journalism and photography. She has worked for different media outlets and organizations to progress in her skills. Additionally, she has experience in creating multimedia content for different social media platforms that best fit each unique concept.

Emma is passionate about working on stories that focus on social impact, family relationships and underrepresented communities. She also loves creating content highlighting the beauty of travel and culture. Traveling is a huge part of her life, which is greatly reflected in her work. Her work focuses on the special moments that people experience and she captures essential details to tell compelling stories both through her images and words. Now based in Panajachel, Guatemala, Emma works as a content creator and photographer for Mayan Families. In her work here she spreads awareness on issues faced by indigenous communities around Lake Atitlán and focuses on sharing their personal stories as well as promoting the programs that Mayan Families operates.