Emma Pion-Berlin is an innovative photographer and content creator. Originally from Claremont, California, she now lives and works as a content creator at Mayan Families, an NGO located in beautiful, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Emma graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and photography. Emma is committed to impactful storytelling through the use of visuals, words and social media. She uses her work as a tool to listen and connect with people on a deeper level. Through working for different media outlets and organizations, Emma has gained experience in how to provide compelling, visual solutions.

Emma got her first taste of photography in the darkroom, and since then she has been attached to the power of storytelling and content creation that bring people closer together. Emma is passionate about working on projects that focus on social impact, family relationships, unique lifestyles and travel.

Hopping on a plane at the age of 16 for her first international trip alone, sparked her passion for exploring foreign lands. Emma is intrigued by the power of movement, change and going outside of her comfort zone through traveling, which continues to widen her curiosity, passion for her work, and love for the world.

Emma is available for freelance work locally and internationally. Please get connected with her through your preferred stream of communication.

Email: emmapionberlin@gmail.com

Phone US: +1 909 234 1887

Phone Guatemala: +502 5840 1351