Emma Pion-Berlin is an innovative photographer and photojournalist. She has five years of experience in digital photography and has an eye for creation. Originally from Claremont, California, she grew up in a family full of creative people when she first began to experiment with photography. She started expanding her horizons to further her passion of photojournalism. Emma is a recent graduate from University of Colorado Boulder where she got a bachelor's degree in journalism and minored in photography. She has worked for different publications to progress in her skills. She has experience in multimedia journalism and is always seeking new opportunities. Emma is passionate about working on stories that focus on social injustice, family relationships and underrepresented communities. These topics inspire her because she loves discovering the tough obstacles people face in their lives and learning how they overcome them. Her work focuses on the special moments that people experience and she captures important details to tell compelling stories both through her images and words. She loves traveling to experience different cultures and lifestyles which is often reflected through her work. Now based in Boulder, Colorado, Emma is committed to working hard and learning new skills to create powerful content.